Case Study

Caesars Entertainment

Resort, casino, and entertainment giant Caesars Entertainment needed to modernize their accounts payable department in order to pay their diverse collection of entertainers, repair technicians, suppliers, and so on. They had outgrown their manual entry AP process, which required managing a large number of apps, tabs, and databases, leading to human error and delays.

In this case study, we’ll reveal how Caesars Entertainment:

  • Accelerated AP processing times 60%
  • Reduced IT testing & production time 30-40%
  • Eliminated human error from AP processing

Caesars Entertainment Accelerated AP Processing & Improved Productivity


  • Diverse range of contractors & accounts payable
  • Swivel chair, manual entry process




  • An integrated, automated AP process
  • Reduced processing/reporting hours


Customer Perspective

With Sofbang, we were able to modernize and streamline our approach to accounts payable in a way that significantly sped up day-to-day operations while also improving data integrity. Now we can pay our suppliers and contractors faster than ever while also creating transaction records we know are free from human error."
Krishnan Ramesh, Senior Director Financial and HCM Enterprise Applications

Sofbang has significantly improved our ability to use time efficiently and prevent dropped threads in the accounts payable department. We’ve eliminated the need for all repeat documentation and provided our AP professionals with a single toolkit, so the errors and inconsistencies created by managing multiple windows, applications, or tabs are a thing of the past!"
Krishnan Ramesh, Senior Director Financial and HCM Enterprise Applications