Case Study

Major Metropolitan City Clerk’s Office Modernization

The Office of the City Clerk in Chicago manages a variety of permitting and collections processes for one of the U.S.’s largest cities. To reduce the burden on in-office staff, the Office of the City Clerk was looking to migrate to eCommerce but lacked the internal IT skillset to make the transition.

In this case study, we’ll reveal how the City of Chicago:

  • Migrated entire parking sticker purchase & renewal process to online
  • Increased sticker sales 10%
  • Created an 8-year plan for migration of further programs to eCommerce

Office of the City Clerk of Chicago
Modernizes with eCommerce


  • Bring a legacy pen-and-paper process online
  • Articulate a long-term modernization approach




  • Transitioned from swivel chair to automation
  • Increased sales revenues through ease-of-use