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The Fast Track to AI Customer Service

According to Forrester, 64% of firms are looking to provide a personalized customer experience in the next two years.

You can deliver that experience much faster than you think. You just need the right vision!

  • Deploy your AI service team in < 4 weeks
  • Lower customer service costs 10-15% in < 90 days
  • Improve customer satisfaction 20% in one quarter
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Build an omnichannel experience in weeks
Manage 40% of customer interactions with AI
Modernize customer experience in <1 month
Streamline support resolution times 60+%

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Danny Asnani

Sofbang LLC

A multi-decade veteran of the IT integration space, Danny brings a wealth of knowledge from a wide variety of enterprise chatbot deployments. Under his watch, Sofbang has emerged as a true leader in chatbot technology across a variety of platforms. Danny specializes in helping businesses see the connection between theoretical technologies and real business gains.



Chief Technology Officer
Sofbang LLC

Vivek has been an enterprise middleware specialist for over fifteen years and has been configuring and implementing cloud-based solutions since the invent of cloud computing. Vivek has helped numerous businesses adopt powerful, continuous-improvement-based AI strategies by applying and modeling Sofbang's Chatbot Center of Excellence approach.

"89% of support & IT leaders say chatbots & AI agents are useful or very useful" - Forrester