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Chatbots – Next Gen CX for Utilities

Conversational AI delivers major value for utility providers and their customers by providing a self-guided experience that feels modern and rewarding:

  • Instantaneous self-service for up to 85% of interactions
  • Improved customer engagement & satisfaction
  • Reduced support costs (50% per interaction)

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View the powerful 15-minute session on demand to discover how your team can enable next-generation CX to delight your customers while helping them maintain the right kind of relationship with you.

The Potential of Chatbots

Deflect up to 40% of current call volume in 90 days

Reduce support costs 50% per customer interaction

Strengthen customer satisfaction 25%

What Our Utility Customers Say

"[Sofbang’s] team has delivered so much value-added functionality to our customers in a phenomenally short amount of time."
Lead IT Project Manager
"Our [ticket] volume has dramatically decreased. Most of my time was spent on emails. It takes the load off. The bot is leading our customers in the right direction."
Senior Customer Service Manager

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