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Azure Active Directory B2C for Access & ID Management

A Fortune 100 client wanted to extend personalized cloud-hosted Power BI reports to each customer and partner in a secure way. Seeking to strengthen and support their existing Oracle environment, the client worked with Sofbang to integrate Azure Active Directory B2C.

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This white paper describes:
The client’s previous state
Why Azure Active Directory B2C was chosen for this project
How the integration was carried out
How the environment functions now

Azure AD B2C Insights from Sofbang



Microsoft Azure is a vibrant cloud platform that’s still growing rapidly. That means you can trade the expense of maintaining your technical debt in for the opportunity to innovate and create new longterm value through efficiency.


Using Azure AD B2C, customers can access all their data, regardless of where it’s stored, using a single access credential, and you can keep their data secure without forcing them to re-enter login information repeatedly.


Customers can use existing SSO credentials from industry-leading identity providers rather than creating a new account, creating huge savings in terms of database management and maintenance costs.